Thursday, May 1, 2008

Twilight Cast Interview

Twilight is an upcoming romantic vampire movie based on the worldwide bestseller book of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. The film stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Here below an interview of the cast of Twilight:

Interview with the Vampire (Robert Pattinson) and his love interest (Kristen Stewart), the two do not that at ease to talk about their kissing scenes:

Those actors are quite young, still need to mature... Well I suppose it fits to the movie plot... But I just fear that the vampire has a too juvenile personality. Ok he looks 17, but he is said to be 108 years old. In 108 years you can learn a lot about life... If the character played by Robert Pattinson doesn't show any maturity, it would mean that this vampire is kind of retard...


Eli said...

Got to love Twilight! =)
Can't was to see the movie!
Bella and Edward forever <3

Morgen said...

If only the Twilight saga was written by my a more skilled writer, then maybe so many people would stop their bitching about its stupidity.

Not to say that the story itself wasn't amazing, because it was.

But honestly, who is Mrs. Meyer trying to fool? There are so many absolutely USELESS scenes in the book! Not only that, it's so poorly patched together...

For example:

Why would a family of vampires play baseball?

Why does no one in this story have a cell phone?

Why don't Alice and Jasper share a room, if Emmet and Rosalie do?

Why does Bella have all of these good-looking guys chasing after her if she's supposed to be plain and average?

Well, despite the fact that this book/series has absolutely no originality and nothing really going for it, I still anticipate the movie with a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm ;)

E.K. said...

EVERYONE loves Twilight the moment they read it! =) its a must have read! me and all of my friends have read it and we would ready it again without thinking about it


Anonymous said...

this is a response to Morgan. who says that alice and jasper don't share a room. i don't remember a line in the books that said they dont. they do have cell phones. and the guys are after bella for two reasons, one because she is probably pretty she just underestimates herslf and two because shes new, shes something different then what the guys are used to.

Anonymous said...

This is a response to morgen,I have never heard anyone bitch about this book.All these useless seens tie in to make the book better.I mean have you ever read a book that didn't have a stupid scene,they just make the book more interesting not boring and plain.
ALSO most people don't have a cell phone because the description of forks is a more small town not NEW YORK,they are driving around in a BMW its not like its on the top of everyones list.This book is not as crappy as u make it sound one reason its a bestselling BOOK!!YOU don't have to shakespear to write a good book.
Also why do you pick out the smallest details of the book to critisize if you complain so much about the fact they play baseball why don't you just complain about the whole book!
If there is one day where you come out with a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER,I will consider your opinion on writting. NOW I don't any twilight fans really care what negative comments you have on this book!
Mrs.Meyer has inspired me to do alot with my life and to write I'm sorry if you can't feel the same but,like I said I really don't care about your negativity.If you have a problem don't read the books!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Morgen,Stop being negative abuot Twilight. And to recell Jasper , Alice , and Bella used a cellphone at the hotel and not every one needs a cellphone to live. And if your such an amazing writer why arnt you famous yet.And people play baseball for fun.And do you share a room with your lover?Stop trying to go into all the details of the book and to recall Twilight and all of the other books in this series are best sellers.If you hate the books so much then dont read the next books and dont watch the movie if your going to comment so rudly about it becaus youll just get more people telling you to shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

helen said...

im so excited for this movie.more then any other movie EVER.
to me these books are so amazing and now being a movie is just the greatest thing.i copuldnt stop soon as i read the first i went to the next and the one after and the one after.
and for sure im gonna be number 1 in the line to get the tickets as soon as they get there:D

Anonymous said...

hmm...first off- "morgan"
if you have no positive things to say about Twilight, dont say anything at all(bc you seem like an idiot)
secondly- dont hate on Stephenie she is a wonderful writer.
thirdly-if you read carefully you might notice that all of the stupid "examples" you had, have an answer to each:they do have cells thats how james gets a hold of bella,no one knows for sure if jasper and alice share a room and Bella is supposed to be pretty "she just doesnt see herself clearly"
well ive wasted 5min on an idiot....bye

edward'slove said...

i love twilight

Anonymous said...

your comment makes no sense because there is a perfect answer to every one of your stupid accusations. first stephanie meyer is a brilliant author. every preson i know who has good taste has loved these books. second if you read all the books you can find a part in the last one about bella going into alice AND jaspers room. yes that means they share a room. third the vampires playing baseball is a clever twist that makes the book even more intersting than it already is. fourth they all do have cell phones and even if they didn't how does that possibly have a negative effect on the story? many people don't have cell phones. and last bella is pretty. she just doesn't see herself clearly which edward pointed out. maybe you're not someone who really doesn't like the book but just someone who isn't observant enough to fully enjoy them like the rest of the earths population. the books are wasted on someone like you anyway.

Anonymous said...

From AO
Morgan, don't post negative stuff about something on it's own website. ur just making urself look dumb by saying the book is retarded and then saying u can't wait to see the movie.
i personally think the book is awesome and that Mrs Meyer is a very skilled authour and she knows how to capture her readers attention.
Go Meyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

morgan stop being so rude. first off if you're going to criticize the book, and pick on every detail.. why are you on this site???? and second, if you dont like the book, dont watch the movie, thats pointless.
and thirdly. frankly no one gives a shit about your rude and negative opinion, saying things like what you said makes people hate you... and i can bet alot of people hate you right now for your little useless opinion.

and if you have a problem with me for being blunt about the situation, then whatever, i dont care. bite me.

Anonymous said...

Okay Morgan........SHUT UP and be more obbservent. First off edward has a cell phone and so does alice and jasper.
second why does any one play beseball i mean vampires can have fun too right? Third If you pay attention it says Jasper AND alices room but who cares they don't even sleep so whatever. and finally......BELLA is buetiful she just doesn't know it and she a new selection for the guys so derr only a retard would not know that..............Oh and Steph is the best writer of the year so back off or....or... I dont know bur keep to your self.

Anonymous said...

ok everyone who has read the books do you think bellas hair should be a bit more darker and a tiny winy bit curlyer/wavier in the movie? Also does edward speak with a british or american accent? OH and do you think theres any possibility that Steph will write another book mabye about renesmee or somthing?

Anonymous said...

Ok i love these book over anything ive ever read but im alittle disapointed with the last one i mean its a little annoying that it went from bella to jacob but i understand that its more of a story from jacobs point of view. And well i dont want to spoil anything for anyone who hasnt read the last book so ill say this a subtly as i can.......I didnt really like the happily ever after feel i got from it i mean I didnt want bella to get sluaghtered or anything but it would be cool if she left you hanging so you can at least hope for a 5th one but oh well that was the best series ive ever read in my eighteen years................p.s sorry for all the type o's i have to type fast so i have time to start my book...I know im very excited about once i work on it more i'll post a summary of it!

Anonymous said...

k "morgen" stephanie meyers is a very intelligent and dedicated writer, her books ARE expertly written...and as for your questions #1 why does anyone play baseball?...FOR FUN #2 they all DO have cell phones #3 alice and jasper DO share a room and finally #4 bella just THINKS shes average looking because she is the one narrating it...she really is beautiful and her beauty is magnified when she becomes a the 4th book..."morgen, next time you post a comment don't be so ignorant

Dancer said...

Morgen - First of all, I really don't think you need to insult the author of Twilight on her writing ability, because that is not cool. Furthermore, you should not say anything if you aren't going to say nice things. I know that's really kidnergarten, but... I'm not going to answer your questions because they have nothing whatsoever to do with the book, and are rather trivial and unimportant if you ask me. I think the other bloggers have got me covered on that aspect anyway. :)
Thank you for your input, but I don't think it was necessary. Maybe you can find another place to put your concerns. Here is not the place. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

ok morgen i can answer your questions.
1. they needed an excuse to all be in the meadow
2.they all do and use them frequently (more so in the later books)
3.they do but b/c Jasper doesn't really care about design and Alice does it is considered her room but they do share. is only because she is new to forks

if you have any other questions you can go to Stephenie's personal website where she has answers to FAQs per book
Please never again bash her, she is a wonderful writer with tons of potential.

Anonymous said...

The comment posted on August 23 at 8:16. Maybe Morgan should have read ALL the books before making these accusations. They do all have cell phones, and use them a LOT more in the last books. Alice and Jasper do share rooms as pointed out in Breaking Dawn. Bellas being plain is a concept out of her own insecurity (remember the book is told in a first person point of view). But I think your most important question is why would a family of vampires play baseball. I think a lot of people have looked at this scene the wrong way, its not useless, and its not an excuse to be in the meadow, or to merely entertain. This question can be matched to others like why would Vampires not hunt humans, or have gold eyes, or go to school? Carlisles family has struggled to let go of their vampiric instincts and be more human. Baseball, the All American Sport, embodies a sort of human activity that they can really connect with.
I would like to add, that I was not a huge fan of the first of the 4 either. I believed it was filled with useless scenes mostly involving Bella and Edward being luvyduvy. Once the first book establishes the relationship between characters it gets better. The last three are definetly at a whole other level than the first.

Evile said...

How do the vamps play baseball?! they must have a field the size of canada or something because a normal diamond is way too small... and what bat did they use because i'm sure if emmet hit anything with it, it would just snap... immediatly... i might sound dumb right now but i havent read twilight yet... i started off at new moon

Hail said...

Mrs. Meyer did an excellent job on the book. Before you make accusations, do some research first.

1. How would the Nomad Vampires be able to find the Cullens if they werent making a lot of noise outside? Besides, the baseball part is enjoyable to read too.

2. they DO have cell phones. DUH

3. Alice is very...extravagant and before any of the Cullens even knew who she was, she had thrown edwards stuff out of their house bc she thought his room was the best. Alice and Jasper's relationship isnt as...physical either.

4. Bella, compared to the rest of the girls in Forks is very pretty. In Phoenix, however, compared to THOSE girls, she was avarage. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. And edward thought Bella was beautiful in her own way.

Anonymous said...


--why would u play baseball??anyone or should i say any "species" of fiction characters alike CAN play baseball if they want to..

--they do have cell phones..i think its just the fact that u are too ignorant to even read the lines where they pick up their phones to dial each other in the book..

--who says they don't share a room?i don't recall reading an information in that book that says that they don't share a u??

--do boys always chase someone by their appearance...??if they do,,they are so shallow and i think u know better than i do..

anyways...SM is a brilliant author..we don't need such 'skillful' writer to write a good book...i pity your taste,,and the useless scenes are just trivias that made the story more interesting..

sorry for the very long post and i don't mean to be an expert or anything its just u might look less stupid if u follow the book...

Ashleyyy said...

ok Evile...
first off u can't start reading a book series out of order. it just doesn't make sense. it explains how they play it in the first one... not gonna tell u sense u should just read it and firgure it for urself. it's better that way.

Anonymous said...

Okay so people need to stop giving negative comments on twilight. I have to assume ur pretty stupid if you are on a FAN website for TWILIGHT! der duh der! I mean everythingi s explained i nthe book if you would read it! any money theses people had their friends tell them aboout the book, and they just made acusations. so think before you type, and maybe you should actually pay attention to the book while reading it. also read the books in order! It makes NO sense if you would read them out of order. There a SAGA! it kind of gives it away there!

Anonymous said...

Dear Morgan,

There are no useless scenes in the book.

A family full of vampires would play baseball coz they have a life too and its not like its illegal for vampires to play sports. Theyre a family, they want to spend quality time. Theres nothing wrong about that.

If you had read the books more carefully, they do have cellphones. Maybe not throughout twilight, but if you read the rest of the books, they do.

Again, if you had read the book more carefully, you wouldve seen when Edward told Bella what all the guys were thinking of her on her first day. She is not simple and basic, shes unique and beautiful, you would know that if you've read midnight sun.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Why is everyone getting so upset? Morgan has right to her own opinion. Comments are for criticizing and giving applause. If thats her opinion let her think that. Yeah she pointed out some bad examples on which she did not like the book but thats her opinion. I personally think the books are awesome. The only bummer is that midnight sun got leaked and now Stephanie Meyer may not finish it. I don't know if anyone here has even read it but it is amazing. I think we really get to see alot about not only about edward but all of the characters through edwards opinions. i recommend everyone read it but be aware there are only 12 charpters written. thanks

Anonymous said...

Morgen- Um did you even read the books? They play basabll because they enjoy it, it's fun. Why do they do anything they do?.. Fast clothes/ wrestle...They do it because they enojy it. They all have cell phones. Alice calls Edward on his cell phone when he is looking for Bella in Port Angeles. They call each other when they are tryin to get Bella to Phoenix.. They use phones through out the whole saga. Read and pay attention, please.
Alice and Jasper do share a room because it says so in breaking dawn when bella goes into their room to get bags for renessme and jacob and to get money for j. jenks for the papers. Got anymore comments about anything?

Sue said...

Yes, it is a great, bestselling book that is well written. The movie wasn't nearly as good but it makes the story seem more realistic.

As for all the people ganging up on 'Morgen', and getting so angry- stop. There is honestly no reason to do this, because there's always going to be people like Morgen. The naysayers, the anti-Twilight people, etc. If people want to be rude and arrogant, let them and don't feed the fire by fighting them.

After all, it's just a matter of opinion.

Anonymous said...

i think twilight was the best book i have read ever i also waited an hour an a half waiting for the movie ad i thought it was surely worth the wait. also i cant wait for the other movis to come out.

Anonymous said...

morgan - if you dont have anything positive to say about twilight. then mind as well , dont say anything at all. forks is a small town you dont expect them to have high class shet, like cellphones. and so what if jasper & alice dont share rooms. your just full of stupidity and disloyalty.

stephenie is more creative and talented than you will ever be. so get at life, because obviously, you have none right now.
esp since your judging a sucesful, creative, and talented peson you dont even know. so good if you post a positive comment, but if you dont. mine as well not to comment at all,

Anonymous said...

morgan, stop being such an ignorant baby. obviously those two words are the only words that describe your life, your just insulting a talented, creative and dedicated author who reallydid make it to the top. so what now ? jealous cause your not ?.
and maybe they played baseball because it would add a spice to the show. nothing is perfect morgan. people who can servive on their own don't need cellphone's loser.

and alice and jasper do share a room sherlock. and maybe bella has all the good looking guys because she's pretty,and careless about what people think of her.

and chura hoe your just talking about yourself. i mean stepheniehas no originality ? yes she does. you apparently don't by complaining like a little girl in need of attention. and FYI, if you lie the movie then your saying you like the book retard.

the movie is based on the book. you would know that, but since you have no brain. apparently you dont know that, so get a life, because twilight fans and lovers dont need to be wasting their times bitching at a girl who thinks she's all that.

so peace out to all the twilight lovers. i did that for you guys, the cast & stephenie. because i'm a true fan of both the book & the movie.

- if you wanna contact me.
you cant, find me on myspace. i'm juanita v. from the 670

Shella said...

Looooove it !!!
I like both the movie and the book.. eventhough there are some differences (the book and the movie). But I think it is one of the best 'story' ! ^^
Love love love it !!!

emmentcullenismyhomeboy94 said...

i liked the twilight books but the movie just plain sucked..i mean they changed so much stuff and they left out the really good parts...they also made the really important parts not so really sucked... and i mean taylor launter with long hair is just plain U-G-L-Y!!!!

emmentcullenismyhomeboy94 said...

THIS IS A RESPONSE TO MORGEN:i do agree with you about alice and jasper..but they cullens do have cell phones in all the books...and yes i hate to disappiont you all but the movie did really suck..:-(

Anonymous said...

I think the movie is going to be cool thank you very much and i loved the books so much

Anonymous said...

Um... you all seem like lames to me. it is just a book not your life, why dont you find a hobby and move on. and personally, i saw the movie and if the book is as pretentious, uninspiring, and irrelevent as that, then i'm glad i missed reading it!

Sarah said...

Ahhhhh Twilight...Men seem so insignificant now...I will settle for nothing less than a vampire!

Anonymous said...

hey guys, don't mind morgen, he doesnt know how to read haha.

Anonymous said...

I can answer all of your examples of Stephanie putting in "useless" scenes.

1. Bella asks that same question. Edward answers and says that it is the american pastime. Anyway, they are still people. They can play basesball if they want.
2. They do have cell phones:
For Example- Bella calls her mom alot in her room and at the hotel. Jasper and Alice have a phone and I know that because in the hotel they talked to Carlisle or something like that. Edward has a cell-phone because he calls Bella when Bella is in the hotel. Pretty much everyone has a cell phone in the saga.
3. Alice and Jasper do share a room. In Breaking Dawn, Bella goes into their room and gets money for Rennesme.
4. Bella is pretty, SHE thinks of herself as being plain and average.

And seriously, Stephanie Meyer is a great author. Lets see you make a better book.

Twilight Fan said...

All I can say is that I absolutely loved the movie. Some of the graphics kinda sucked, but it won't stop me from seeing it again anytime soon.

Rana said...

I just saw the movie & Robert Pattinson is such an actor, he is really talented in addition to Kristen Stewart she is amaziiiing!! But for me i loooove Robert he's so charming & cute!! it's rili a wonderful movie

Anonymous said...

Jacob Black would look so much better without the long hair. I can not wait to see him in the next movie with his "short" or should I say "shorter" hair. I am not a very big fan of Jacob so I am looking forward to seeing more of him in the next movie. I do not really like Jacob because he trys to act all cool and funny and he really isn't. That is just my opinion. I really do not think Bella and him would be a good couple like Bella and Edward are.


Ok, So in Breaking Dawn she is engaged and then goes to that fighting scene and kisses Jacob. I know it was because she wanted him to stay, but still, she is getting married. And anyways, he went and fought anyways. Also I think she should seriously get over Jacob. In Breaking Dawn when she is on the couch and all sad and hurt and everything and then Jacob walks in the room she gets all happy. I mean get over him, you have a husband. Well, please feel free to comment but just remember that all this is just my opinion.

Thanks :)

Haley said...

I think this book is a great book, and there are no boring parts or "USELESS" parts in it, and when was the last time you heard anyone bitching about itMorgen? This book has a lot of originality have you ever read a book that was like this, didn't think so.

I think this is a great book and the movie is so amazing and if the concept of the story dosn't bring you in *ROBERT PATTINSON* (Edward-A.K.A hottest man alive!!!)will sure do it!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that the movie was well done. You can only fit so much of the book into 2 hours. Mrs Meyers was consulted on everything and allowed things to be changed. I do think that once you read the series it makes the movie ever better. I am in love with the story and am on my third read of the books.

Anonymous said...

How many times has everyone read the Twilight series?

I am on my fifth time reading all of the books again. I am in love with Twilight and I am going out at midnight to buy the movie on March 20th. (Which is kinda like the 21st but oh well :)

I can not wait for New Moon the movie to come out and I am hoping that they make all of the movies.

As for Robert and Kristen, they are both wonderful actors/actresses. I would not like the movie with out them. YOU ROCK ROBERT AND KRISTEN :)

* T W I L I G H T F O R E V E R *