Monday, June 2, 2008

Twilight Preview Clip

Vampires are definitely romantic. Any doubt? Then check the Twilight preview clip that has just been unveiled:

An extended version of the ballet scene has been shown for Twilight at the comic con:

Kristen Stewart is really cute and Robert Pattinson is quite handsome: but the movie doesn't look as great as I have expected. Special effects look cheap and drag down my interest for the plot... I really hope that this first clip does not represent the quality of the whole Twilight movie...

Below a much more interesting clip to my opinion. The scene takes place in the Cullen's house:

Edward and Bella in Cullen House, Twilight Movie

Also new Twilight clips from the Rome Film Festival have found their way online and look much better, meet the Cullen family in the new scene:

--> Twilight Rome

I am no thinking that most aspects of this Twilight movie will be great!


emma said...

I was so ridiculously excited when I saw this the preview for this. I read the book and loved it, even in its young romance story. There is still a 15 year old in me somewhere that loves this type of thing.

Sam!!! :D said...

Um... I love the Twilight books, and when I saw the movie it ws pretty upsetting. They got the scene with Bella's truck wrong, they didn't put in the scene where Bella was in Bio and passed out because she smelled blood, and Edward took her out, and the didn't have the best line! "Do I dazzle you?"...."Frequently." What the heck????? I give it 2-3 stars out of 5.

tia said...

i loved the book and thought that the movie was great im holding my breath til new moon comes out!!!!

Anonymous said...

i have read the books and i was instantly hooked on them however 9i have not seen the movie yet. everybody keeps on telling me that i won't like it and the fact that the books are better than the movie. i really want to see it and i am more than excited to see New Moon. P.S. I really hope that Summitt Entertainment really picks up Breaking Dawn